Sports Podiatry

Keeping your body in peak condition is essential for everyone, especially when sport and exercise is a core aspect of your everyday life. Regardless of your activity level or where you are on your fitness journey, various sporting injuries can stop you in your tracks.

We treat a range of sporting injuries including:

How can we help?

As active people, the team at Mereweather Podiatry understand the importance of sport and exercise and how debilitating an injury can be, not only physically but also mentally.

Injury prevention is our top priority. Your Podiatrist will gain an in-depth view of your current sporting commitments, how your body is currently performing and identify any ways to prevent an injury or enhance your performance. We do this via regular footwear assessments to ensure you are in the best shoe to support your body for your sporting activities, assess your biomechanics to ensure the muscles, and joints in your lower limbs are moving effectively, and provide treatment options to reduce the risk of injury.  

If injury has occurred, your Podiatrist will conduct a thorough assessment to identify underlying factors and create an individualised treatment plan to successfully rehabilitate the injury, returning you to optimal performance in a safe and supported way. This may include:

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