SWIFT Microwave Wart Therapy

Merewether Podiatry is a SWIFT Microwave Therapy certified practice, with treatments conducted from the comfort of our clinic.

How does it work?

SWIFT Microwave Wart Therapy is a fast, precise, and effective treatment for warts including plantar warts. SWIFT targets the root cause of warts, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), triggering the body’s own immune system to eliminate the wart.

SWIFT delivers microwave energy directly to the affected tissue without breaking the skin. This quick application damages the cellular integrity of the wart helping the body to recognise the virus and fight back. This allows healthy cells to regenerate and the skin to return to normal. SWIFT works by waking up the immune system, often clearing warts in other areas that haven’t even been treated.

Who can use SWIFT?

SWIFT Microwave Wart Therapy can be used for adults and children of any age. Some young children may not tolerate the treatment, so best to talk to your Podiatrist directly.  

SWIFT Microwave Therapy can be used on warts located on:

Treatment information:

During the treatment, a specialised probe delivers microwave energy directly into the verrucae/wart. Treatments are brief taking approximately 30 minutes or less. As this is a non-invasive technique, the skin remains intact.

You may feel some discomfort during the treatment, but you can resume normal activities immediately following your treatment with no home care or treatment required in between sessions.

A minimum of 3 sessions are required 4 weeks apart. The exact number of sessions will depend on the severity and the responsiveness of the verrucae/wart:

Benefits of SWIFT Microwave Wart Therapy:

Uses the body’s own immune system: rather than destroying the verrucae/wart by freezing or burning, SWIFT delivers energy into the tissue to a certain depth activating the cells that tells the body there is a virus present.

Non-invasive: some discomfort can occur during treatment however this non-invasive technique means you will be walking out of our clinic back to your daily routine pain free. No need to change bandages, keep your foot dry, or apply daily topical treatments.

Short treatment times: treatments are fast, typically 30 minutes or less.

Suitable for children: SWIFT is suitable for all children, however younger children (below 9 years) may not tolerate the brief discomfort.

Success Rates: an independent university-led UK trial saw 76% resolution across all cases. The trial consisted of individuals who had treated verrucae/warts for periods up to 10 years with no success from other treatments.

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