Orthotics (Orthoses)

Orthotics are specifically designed shoe inserts to help support the foot’s natural structure.  

Orthotics can be used for both children and adults to:

Common condition orthotics are used for include:

Merewether Podiatry offer both prescription (custom-made) and prefabricated orthotics.

Prescription are individually crafted to fit you and your unique needs. Your Podiatrist will create a prescription specifically for your foot, based on a comprehensive biomechanical assessment and an understanding of your footwear, activities, and lifestyle.

This prescription and an impression of your feet (digital scan or plaster cast) are sent offsite to be made.

Your Podiatrist will then cover and fit your new orthotics to your footwear in our clinic to ensure maximum effect and comfort.

Prefabricated Orthoses come in standard sizes and can be fitted immediately into your shoe to provide an enhanced level of support and comfort for your feet.

We stock an extensive range of prefabricated orthotics, which your Podiatrist can mould and adjust in our clinic to suit your specific needs.

Prefabricated orthotics can be a great cost-effective solution, especially in growing children or when orthotics will not be needed long term.

How are orthoses made/fitted?

Prescription/Custom Orthoses:

Prefabricated Orthoses:

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