Merewether Podiatry offers a professional, custom orthotics service that has time and again proven successful in treating client’s conditions. If you suffer from flat feet, sore arches, lower limb or knee pain, why not book an appointment for an assessment to see if orthotics could be the solution for you.

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Children’s Orthotics

Children may require orthotics for many reasons and Merewether Podiatry has seen fantastic results in treating children with growing pains, foot and ankle pain as well as knee and lower limb pain. If you have concerns about your child’s feet, or any pain they may be experiencing, book an appointment for an assessment and let Merewether Podiatry find the solution that’s right for your child.

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Sports / active Orthotics

If you experience foot, ankle, knee or lower limb pain during or after exercise, you may be in need of support from quality, custom made orthotics. Having the correct foot and ankle alignment will help you to achieve the optimum bio-mechanical position for your body, giving you the best chance to recruit the right muscle groups, allowing you to achieve your highest possible output. Correct alignment will also help to reduce injury as well as muscle fatigue, so you can perform better for longer and recover more quickly.

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Everyday Orthotics

Orthotics are not just for growing kids and the super active, they are just as relevant for individuals of all ages and in all walks of life. If you experience pain in your feet, knees or lower limbs, if you find your legs get tired more quickly than you think they should, then orthotics may be able to help. Come in and see us at Merewether Podiatry for an assessment of your concerns and to discuss possible treatment options. We hate to see people who have sore feet interrupting their everyday life!