Professional, caring Newcastle Podiatry clinic

Merewether Podiatry is a motivated podiatry practice, offering holistic, patient focused podiatry services. We love what we do; helping people overcome their foot and ankle conditions so they can enjoy their day to day life, free of foot, ankle and lower limb pain.

Telephone: 02 4963 3206
Fax: 02 4963 4861
Address: 6 Allworth Street Merewether NSW 2291

Opening Hours

Monday:        9am – 7pm
Wednesday:  9am – 5pm
Thursday:     9am – 7pm
Friday:          9am – 5pm

Corns & Callouses

Don’t allow corns or calluses to interfere with your everyday life…or choice in footwear! Read more…

Custom Orthotics

We can help with all your orthotics needs, to give your feet the support they need for work and play. Read more…

Painful / Challenging feet

We hate to see painful feet interrupt your everyday life. Correct diagnosis is essential before treatment can be successful…read more

New Patients

New patients are always welcome at Merewether Podiatry. Please bring any relevant images/xrays, work/school footwear, exercise footwear and doctor or health provider referral (referrals are not a requirement). Contact us